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About dLabel

The is the world-leading platform for image and video annotation. Research communities in different sectors use dLabel to annotate their data. They can outsource the annotation tasks to as well. Currently, has hundreds of users with AI algorithms and applications growing fast, and the need for sufficient and accurately labelled datasets has increased. Several labelling tools have been presented for this aim; however, the labeling process is still costly.

- Various annotation items
- Smart Automatic Segmentation
- Review the project process

Data Annotation Services

We guarantee the most affordable
image and video annotation services

- 1000 free annotations
- Customizable tool
- Fast delivery
- High quality
- Internal QA
- Action detection for various applications

Choose the best image and video annotation outsourcing service while saving money and time!

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  • Polygon
  • Spline
  • Image Classification
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dLabel Annotation Services Special Features

No one can beat our prices! we can offer image annotation services up to 30% cheaper than your quote from competitors

Our team has top class coordination and always delivers the highest quality annotated image

Numerous and unique features that separate dLabel from other image annotation services in the market

dLabel delivers the annotated image on schedule. Our responsive support team is available 24/7

Customers Feedback

Ash Hall

Research Engineer Lead, The Australian Institute of Sport

After working with the team at dLabel for a couple of annotation tasks, I can safely say that they’re among the best in their field. They perform quality work with a fast turnaround, but more importantly are great communicators. The platform’s flag-based feedback method allows for quick and precise resolution of ambiguous examples, where otherwise a lengthy email chain might be required. We’ll be going straight to dLabel annotation task!

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dLabel Leadership

Dana Pordel

CEO and Founder

Dana is the founder and the CEO of danaXa which is an AI holding company that creates and finance MVPs (minimum viable products) for various ambitious AI-based applications. In particular, Dana via danaXa is keen to invest in fintech, AgTech and Smart Surveillance to benefit from the latest technologies in deep learning. Once the MVP is developed, tested and verified, Dana seeks co-investors and IPO’s to accelerate the developments further. You can always contact Dana to discuss business ideas around AI and deep learning.

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