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Various annotation items

Choose the Appropriate type of item to annotate your dataset.

We designed a variety of image and video annotating items
with various attributes, including:

- Bounding Box
- Graph
- Spline
- polygon
- keypoint

Smart Automatic Segmentation

Let dLabel annotate your images.

use Smart Segmentation

You can use the Smart segmentation
capability of the dLabel tool with help of polygon item.

With the help of this feature, you can
easily and quickly annotate your dataset.

Automate your annotation with tracks

With this feature, in video annotation, instead of annotating every frame, you just annotate a few keyframes and the dlabel tool with interpolation option will annotate all your frames.

Internal feedback capabilities

If you need to communicate with
your team and point a mistake out,
we have implemented internal
flags with a comment option.

You can also draw on images to specify an issue

bounding box bounding box
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web-based video and image annotation tool

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